A YouTuber named Dennis Wang embarked on a 1340-mile journey in a Tesla Cybertruck, documenting his experience online. Starting in Austin and heading to Joshua Tree National Park, Wang faced several challenges, including reduced range and charging difficulties. Despite these issues, he praised the Cybertruck’s comfort and spaciousness.

The Cybertruck’s estimated range is 320 miles, but Wang found that the actual range was significantly less, particularly due to cold weather and his driving speed. The road trip required 12 charging stops, extending the travel time by several hours. Wang noted that range improved in warmer climates and with the truck’s tonneau closed.

Charging the larger-sized Cybertruck proved problematic at Tesla’s Superchargers, with cables barely reaching the vehicle. Additionally, the infotainment system malfunctioned, forcing the travelers to rely on the Tesla app for vehicle controls. Despite these setbacks, Wang remained positive about the truck’s quality and is optimistic about Tesla’s future vehicles.

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