There are many different myths out there about Aptera. This is the third in a series of videos they have put out debunking and showing what they are all about. Here is the summary.

  1. Myth: Solar vehicles are only suitable for sunny areas. Reality: While Aptera performs best in high sun exposure areas, even places with less sun, like Seattle or Ireland, can still generate around 8,000 miles of free solar-powered driving per year. Aptera’s savings calculator on their website can determine the solar-powered miles and fuel cost savings based on location and driving habits.
  2. Myth: Charging an Aptera is inconvenient. Reality: Aptera’s high efficiency and long-range battery pack allow most drivers to go months without needing to plug in. When charging is necessary, Aptera supports the North American Charging Standard (Tesla connector), providing access to Superchargers and Tesla destination chargers. With a CCS adapter, other popular charging networks like ChargePoint and Electrify America are also available. Aptera charges at least twice as fast as other EVs at roadside charging stations.
  3. Myth: Supercharger cords don’t reach Aptera’s charge port. Reality: Aptera addresses this myth in a video, which provides further information.
  4. Myth: The amount of solar energy Aptera receives per day cannot be increased. Reality: While weather cannot be changed, Aptera owners can optimize solar exposure by parking in optimal locations and angles. Maximizing sunlight exposure increases the amount of solar charge received. Aptera is developing technology to measure sun exposure, provide tips for optimal parking, and more.
  5. Myth: Aptera’s wrapped exterior is not durable. Reality: Aptera vehicles have a durable wrap on the sides, offering UV protection to the composite body. The wrap eliminates most of the traditional painting process, reducing environmental impact. Aptera expects the film wrap to last 5 to 10 years in aggressive UV environments and is testing with vendors to set expectations and warranty.

Aptera concludes by stating their enjoyment in dispelling these myths and invites readers to stay tuned for future updates.