San Diego’s solar electric vehicle startup, Aptera, claims that its prototype could become the “most efficient vehicle on the planet.” The vehicle is a small, three-wheeled car with a teardrop shape and solar panels, designed to achieve an exceptionally low drag coefficient. Despite its size, the Aptera has demonstrated impressive speed, even outperforming a Tesla Model 3 and an Audi R8 GT Spyder in a drag race.

However, Aptera’s journey towards production is fraught with challenges. The company has a history of financial difficulties, including a previous bankruptcy in 2011, which resulted in refunding preorders. Although it has returned with its original founders and concept, and there’s increased public interest in electric vehicles, Aptera still struggles with funding, relying on crowdfunding and potentially encountering issues with the SEC.

Public opinion on the Aptera is mixed, with some expressing enthusiasm for its potential to inspire the integration of solar technology into electric vehicles. Others remain skeptical about its classification as a car, safety testing, and the overall viability of the product reaching the market. Despite the divided reactions, Aptera’s progress is a topic of interest for those following innovations in the electric vehicle space.

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