BMW has unveiled the Vision Neue Klasse X, a sleek, futuristic electric SUV set to enter production in 2025 and compete with the likes of Tesla Model Y. This new model is an expansion of BMW’s electric vehicle range, following the introduction of the Vision Neue Klasse sedan last year.

Emphasizing a modern design, the Vision Neue Klasse X maintains BMW’s iconic kidney grille and double headlights while incorporating advanced technology such as a “Super Brain,” a high-performance computer system aimed at enhancing the driving experience. The vehicle features bidirectional charging, allowing it to not only receive electricity but also supply it back to the household or the grid, and can be used to power devices like e-bikes.

Charging times have been significantly improved, with the capability to add up to 300 km of range in just 10 minutes. The SUV also boasts a Panoramic Vision system that projects information onto the windscreen, voice control, and a central control screen for in-car management. Additionally, drivers can personalize the vehicle’s sound effects using the steering wheel.

Production of the first vehicles from this range will start at BMW’s Plant Debrecen in Hungary, though pricing details have not yet been disclosed.

Key Takeaways:

  • BMW’s Vision Neue Klasse X is a new electric SUV designed to compete with popular EVs like the Tesla Model Y.
  • The Vision Neue Klasse X features advanced technology, including a high-performance computer system dubbed a “Super Brain” and bidirectional charging capabilities.
  • Set for production in 2025, the electric SUV will offer a rapid charging feature enabling a 300 km range with just a 10-minute charge.

“The Vision Neue Klasse X is a larger model, SUV, which will compete against EVs like the Tesla Model Y, according to Bloomberg.”

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