• Aptera is committed to revolutionizing mobility and has been working on legislative changes and policies to make Aptera ownership easier for everyone.
  • Helmet requirements while operating or riding as a passenger in an Aptera have been successfully removed in Montana and Texas, recognizing the vehicle’s exceptional safety features.
  • Efforts will continue to address helmet laws in Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Wyoming (where only individuals under 18 need helmets).
  • Aptera is actively exploring state incentives available to EV owners, including charging and infrastructure incentives like grants and rebates for EV charger installation.
  • Purchase incentives such as rebates or tax credits are offered in states like California, Colorado, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Washington.
  • Roadway incentives grant special privileges to EV owners, such as HOV lane access and discounted toll rates, available in states like Arizona and New Jersey.
  • Aptera is seeking partnerships with authorized dealerships in states where they cannot establish their own dealerships yet, ensuring accessibility to Aptera ownership.
  • Progress in shaping the future of sustainable transportation will continue at the state and federal levels.
  • Stay tuned for more updates and contact advocacy@aptera.us for questions or information about owning an Aptera in your state.

Breaking Barriers and Unlocking Opportunities for Aptera Owners