Aptera Motors, a solar EV startup, has recently made significant strides toward achieving its goal of mass-producing solar electric vehicles. They have successfully partnered with a tier-1 battery supplier and received a substantial investment from CTNS, a Korean manufacturing firm. As the year 2023 comes to a close, anticipation is building for 2024, which could be the year Aptera Motors ramps up production of its namesake solar EV. The company’s journey, from beta and gamma models to securing state grants and unveiling its Launch Edition solar EV, has been closely followed. Additionally, they initiated an accelerator crowdfunding program to finance the necessary production equipment.

With the commencement of the production process, Aptera Motors will benefit from the manufacturing expertise of Creative Technology & Surprise (CTNS), a South Korean battery technology company established in 2017. According to a LinkedIn post by CTNS’s chief strategy officer Junmo Kim, the two companies signed a master supply agreement on December 22. The agreement, which was signed during a visit by Aptera cofounder Chris Anthony to CTNS’s Seoul headquarters, also included an investment contract worth millions.

The partnership entails CTNS setting up battery production lines specifically for Aptera and providing the battery packs for its solar EVs as a tier-1 supplier. The total value of the contract is reportedly over $15 million. During the signing ceremony in Seoul, CTNS CEO Ki-jeong Kwon expressed his belief that this partnership marks a significant step for CTNS in becoming a future global unicorn and appreciated the partnership with Chris Anthony and Aptera Motors.

Batteries are an essential element in any EV production, and securing a tier-1 supplier like CTNS represents a crucial achievement for Aptera as it continues the validation phase for its production-intent solar EVs. The collaboration between Aptera and CTNS is aimed at transforming Aptera’s production aspirations into reality in the near future. Chris Anthony, co-founder of Aptera Motors, welcomed CTNS as an official partner and praised the enthusiasm and spirit of the Korean startup.

As of December 28, 2023, there are fewer than 350 spots left in Aptera’s Accelerator program. In addition to the investment opportunity, individuals can still place a reservation for an Aptera SEV with a $100 deposit, or $70 using a special link.