EVgo Inc., a major player in the U.S. public fast charging network for electric vehicles, has introduced a groundbreaking prefabrication method for constructing new charging stations. This innovative approach is expected to slash the average installation time by 50% and reduce construction costs by about 15% at suitable sites. The prefabrication technique involves assembling all charging components on a modular skid, which can then be easily transported and installed at the charging site. This model starts with six charging stalls and is designed to be scalable.

The prefabricated stations will not only be more cost and time-efficient but also aim to improve the customer experience. They will offer the potential for Wi-Fi connectivity, lighting, security cameras, and protective canopies. Additionally, the stations will feature a synthetic turf-covered skid frame to protect connectors and enhance overall resilience. Site hosts will benefit from a faster and less disruptive construction process.

EVgo’s prefabrication efforts are currently in progress in several U.S. states, with the first station to be constructed in Texas, aiming to open by February 2024. The company plans to expand this prefabrication model to more locations throughout the year. EVgo’s commitment to innovation is part of a larger effort to meet the increasing demand for public EV charging infrastructure, with industry analysts predicting the need for over 300,000 fast chargers in the U.S. by 2030.

About EVgo, the company operates a vast network of over 900 fast charging locations across 60 metropolitan areas in 30 states. EVgo has been matching its network’s power usage with renewable energy certificates since 2019 and continues to work on expanding its charging solutions through various partnerships and service offerings.

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