i-charging has announced upgrades to its electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, the blueberry CLUSTER and the blueberry PLUS, which now offer an increased power capacity of up to 900 kW. Previously, these chargers provided up to 600 kW, but with the new enhancements, customers can choose any power level in 50 kW increments up to the maximum. The blueberry PLUS can charge two vehicles simultaneously, while the CLUSTER can accommodate up to four vehicles, with dynamic power allocation across the chargers.

Specifically, the CLUSTER is suitable for the German market when configured with at least 800 kW, as it can split the power between four outputs and still deliver a minimum of 200 kW per vehicle, which is a regulatory requirement. The PLUS, with a minimum of 400 kW and two outputs, also meets these requirements. Both models are equipped with EICHRECHT module B and D certifications, allowing direct bank card payments, and are certified for Plug&Charge by Hubject. Additionally, they support various payment methods such as RFID, apps, or autocharge.

The increased power capacity of the blueberry chargers enables faster charging times and greater convenience for EV owners, making them ideal for both public and fleet charging scenarios. They offer a more efficient use of power and help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and charging times. The enhanced 900 kW blueberry CLUSTER and blueberry PLUS are now available on the market.

Key Takeaways:

  • i-charging’s blueberry CLUSTER and blueberry PLUS EV chargers now offer enhanced power capacities up to 900 kW, facilitating faster charging for multiple vehicles simultaneously.
  • The blueberry chargers feature dynamic power allocation, allowing them to optimize power usage and reduce both total cost of ownership and charging time for fleets and public stations.
  • Both charger models are equipped with multiple payment options and certifications, making them versatile and user-friendly for a wide range of electric vehicle charging needs.

“The blueberry’s increased power capacity with the ability to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously at high speeds not only accelerates the charging process but also enhances convenience and efficiency for electric vehicle owners.”

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