Aptera has announced the introduction of their Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), a fleet of advanced robots that will play a crucial role in the assembly of their Launch Edition vehicles. AGVs are autonomous robots commonly used by companies like Amazon, Tesla, Airbus, and Ford to streamline manufacturing processes. Aptera employs these robots to simplify their production process and reduce factory costs.

The AGVs efficiently shuttle Aptera vehicles between assembly stations, ensuring a smooth and precise assembly line. Each vehicle spends exactly 12 minutes at each station before the entire line progresses, offering exceptional efficiency and eliminating the need for production halts for modifications. This flexibility allows Aptera to easily expand their assembly line to accommodate new options, such as different battery pack sizes and exterior color configurations.

The AGVs also provide the advantage of scalability, allowing Aptera to duplicate assembly lines and establish operations in new factories without extensive modifications or building adaptations. This development represents Aptera’s commitment to accelerating the production of their solar electric vehicle, aided by the support of their community and investments through their Accelerator Program.

Aptera is now focused on acquiring necessary long-lead-time equipment and commencing tooling for their innovative carbon body (BinC). The company promises more exciting updates to come, emphasizing that the best is yet to come.



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How Aptera’s AGVs Revolutionize Vehicle Assembly | Aptera
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