Drive Electric is a bold initiative aimed at eliminating tailpipe pollution by promoting the shift to electric vehicles (EVs). This transition is expected to yield significant benefits for the climate, public health, and the economy. The campaign acknowledges the importance of cars, trucks, and buses in daily life but emphasizes the need to move away from the outdated and harmful combustion engine.

The campaign’s approach includes advocating for intelligent government policies that would increase both the supply and demand for EVs, thus catalyzing regional change and speeding up widespread adoption. Drive Electric also collaborates with business leaders to secure necessary investments and to encourage ambitious EV procurement commitments. Moreover, the initiative empowers diverse community coalitions to advocate for improved health, job opportunities, and environmental justice, all of which are positively impacted by the move towards electric transportation.

Key Takeaways:

  • The initiative aims to replace combustion engine vehicles with electric vehicles to benefit the environment, health, and economy.
  • Strategic government policies are being promoted to boost the supply and demand of electric vehicles for faster adoption.
  • Collaborations with business leaders and community coalitions are key to securing investments and advancing environmental justice.

“Cars, trucks, and buses are fundamental to modern life, but the combustion engine is an outdated technology choking our air and atmosphere with pollution.”

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