Aptera, an innovative solar mobility company, has attracted a significant community of supporters, with 25% of their reservation holders also being shareholders. The company offers investment opportunities through a crowdfunding campaign that operates under Regulation A, meaning shares are not traded on public stock exchanges and are managed by Computershare in preparation for a potential future IPO.

Investors in Aptera are rewarded with various benefits, such as coupons that can be applied to reservation fees or vehicle purchase prices, and for those investing $10,000 or more, priority reservation slots and additional discounts on their vehicle purchase. The investment tiers reflect the company’s gratitude and incentive structure for financial backers.

Following an investment, shareholders can view their details through Computershare or the Aptera portal, although it should be noted that shares are currently illiquid as they are not publicly traded. Aptera advises investors to stay informed through SEC filings and promises to communicate any future plans for an IPO. The company is progressing with vehicle production, with the recent completion of a major body component and ongoing assembly of production-intent vehicles.

Aptera’s mission is to revolutionize transportation by offering efficient and simplistic solar-powered vehicles, providing a sustainable commuting lifestyle and independence from external charging sources. Their investment offering invites supporters to contribute to a future-focused movement for planetary well-being.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aptera’s crowdfunding campaign allows individuals to invest in the company, granting them shares that are managed through Computershare and are not publicly traded on a stock exchange.
  • Investors in Aptera are incentivized with various rewards such as discounts on vehicle reservations and purchases, depending on the amount they invest.
  • Aptera is preparing for a future IPO, and currently, its privately held shares are illiquid with no public market for trading until the company goes public or is acquired.

“Investing in Aptera is committing to creating a new way that we move. Despite the historical trends of the automotive landscape in our world today, Aptera has taken the path less traveled, prioritizing elegantly efficient and intelligently simplistic transportation.”

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