Rivian vehicles are now compatible with Tesla’s Supercharger network, significantly expanding the charging options for Rivian owners. Starting in April, Rivian will provide NACS DC adapters to its customers, allowing them to access over 15,000 fast chargers across North America. This network is in addition to the 16,000 fast chargers already available through other public charging networks, promising a fast and seamless charging experience.

Rivian’s in-house development of charging hardware and software enables smooth integration with the Supercharger network. The company’s digital platforms, including mobile apps and in-vehicle infotainment, offer a unified experience for trip planning, charger filtering, route setting, navigation, and adding stops. The compatible Superchargers will be displayed in Rivian’s navigation system, providing details like charger speeds and availability. Furthermore, the ‘plug and charge’ feature will facilitate automatic billing, eliminating the need for an app during the charging process.

Initially, Rivian owners will require an adapter to use the Supercharger network, which will be shipped for free this spring. By 2025, Rivian plans to equip their vehicles with fully integrated NACS hardware, aligning with the industry’s adoption of the North American Charging Standard. To complement the existing charging infrastructure, Rivian is developing its own network of fast chargers, the Rivian Adventure Network. Currently, there are over 424 chargers at 70 sites in 22 states, prioritizing locations frequented by Rivian drivers.

Late in the year, Rivian intends to open its Adventure Network to all EV drivers and expand its rollout, focusing on mature EV markets, areas with limited charging access, and destinations near major national parks. Rivian’s efforts reflect its commitment to fostering EV adoption and enhancing the outdoor adventure experience for its customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rivian vehicles will be able to use the Tesla Supercharger network through an adapter starting this spring.
  • The integration of Superchargers into Rivian’s navigation system will facilitate trip planning and charging for Rivian owners.
  • Rivian is expanding its own network of fast chargers and plans to make it accessible to all EV drivers later in the year.

“Rivian owners now have access to the Tesla Supercharger network and will start receiving NACS DC adapters in April.”

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