Tesla has updated its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software, removing the “Beta” label and renaming it “Full Self-Driving (Supervised).” This change seems to address the concerns of regulatory bodies and road safety advocates who have criticized the company for potentially misleading consumers with the term “Full Self-Driving.” The new name emphasizes the need for driver supervision, despite the car’s ability to make certain driving decisions independently.

The rebranding comes after a series of legal challenges and complaints regarding the software’s name, with authorities such as the National Transportation Safety Board and the California Department of Motor Vehicles expressing their disapproval. Tesla’s decision to rename the software may also reflect their confidence in the system’s performance, as most owners have reported satisfaction with its capabilities. In a strategic move to increase adoption, Tesla has offered a one-month free trial of the FSD software to all eligible vehicle owners, which could potentially increase the number of users willing to pay for the full feature.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tesla has updated its Full Self-Driving software’s name to “Full Self-Driving (Supervised)” to emphasize the need for driver supervision.
  • Regulatory bodies and safety advocates have criticized Tesla’s use of the term “Full Self-Driving” for its Level 2 semi-autonomous driving technology as misleading.
  • Tesla is offering a one-month free trial of its Full Self-Driving software to vehicle owners, potentially increasing the adoption of this premium feature.

“Under your supervision, Full Self-Driving (Supervised) can drive your Tesla almost anywhere. It does not make your vehicle autonomous.”

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