Aptera is celebrating the Summer of Solar Mobility, a season dedicated to embracing solar-powered electric vehicles (EVs) and enjoying the benefits of summer. They have several activities planned:

  1. Local activations and event pop-ups: Aptera will be taking their solar EVs to various locations in Southern California. People can subscribe to receive text messages to stay informed about the team’s whereabouts.
  2. Test rides in their solar EVs: Aptera will offer test rides in their Gamma vehicle at the event pop-ups. The first ten people to RSVP and receive text messages will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel.
  3. Solar mobility tour: Aptera is embarking on a solar mobility tour along the California coast, including Northern California, in early September. They will showcase solar mobility in destinations such as Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco.
  4. Events calendar: Team Aptera has a busy events calendar, including Opening Day at Del Mar Racetrack, Comic-Con International, Innovation Day at Petco Park, and Tesla Takeover. More events will be announced throughout the summer.
  5. Social media content: Aptera will document their activities and share content on social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. This allows people outside of California to follow their solar-powered journey until Aptera can reach their location.

To stay updated and participate in the Summer of Solar Mobility, interested individuals can subscribe by texting SOLAR to 1-619-848-0230.