Rivian EV owners are set to gain access to Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network starting in March, significantly expanding their charging options across North America. This move comes as Ford EV owners have just been granted access to the network, with Rivian confirming plans to integrate Supercharger locations into their vehicle and app trip planners. Rivian owners will require an adapter to use the Superchargers, which will be shipped shortly after the integration goes live.

Rivian, which has been developing its own charging infrastructure, chose the CCS charge connector initially as Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) wasn’t available at the time. Now, with Rivian adopting NACS and planning to release its first NACS-compatible EVs in 2025, the company is bridging the gap with adapters for its current fleet. The collaboration is mutually beneficial: Rivian owners enjoy an improved charging experience, potentially attracting Tesla customers, while Tesla gains additional revenue from Rivian drivers using their network.

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