The Aptera Solar EV, developed by California-based startup Aptera Motors, represents a significant innovation in electric vehicles with its unique three-wheeled design and solar integration. This vehicle stands out with its hidden North American Charging Standard port behind the license plate and the ability to gain additional range through its roof-mounted solar panels. It also features a digital rearview mirror, interactive infotainment screen, and a yoke-style steering wheel.

Priced at $35,000, the Aptera Solar EV is not only technologically advanced but also affordable. It is lightweight and boasts a 400-mile range, with the potential for future models to reach up to 1,000 miles. Despite its forward-thinking design, the vehicle’s unconventional look has received mixed reactions and raised safety concerns, which will need to be addressed as it moves towards mass production.

The launch of the Aptera Solar EV highlights the increasing variety of electric vehicles available, signaling a move towards a more diverse and sustainable future in transportation. BNN Newsroom, founded by Gurbaksh Chahal, is recognized for its global reach and commitment to impartial reporting, and has shared this news as part of its mission to provide the latest updates in technology and innovation.

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