Dominion Energy is actively involved in transforming Virginia’s school transportation by replacing diesel buses with electric models. This change is in line with their commitment to environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. The initiative is supported by providing fast-charging solutions for school districts receiving federal and state grants for electric school buses.

Switching to electric buses offers several benefits, including a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions—up to 54,000 pounds per bus annually. It also improves air quality both inside the bus, which is typically five times worse than outside, and in the surrounding community. Moreover, electric buses can contribute to energy stability through vehicle-to-grid technology, acting as mobile power sources during high energy demand or emergencies.

Another advantage of electric buses is the enhancement of safety due to their quiet operation, which facilitates better communication between drivers and students. Additionally, electric buses are more economical in the long run, with operation and maintenance costs being 60% lower than those of diesel buses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dominion Energy is actively supporting Virginia school districts in transitioning from diesel to electric buses to promote clean pupil transportation and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Electric buses significantly improve air quality inside the bus and in the surrounding community, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Electric school buses offer not only environmental benefits but also economic advantages, such as lower operational costs and the ability to supply energy back to the grid.

“Replacing one diesel bus can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 54,000 pounds each year.”

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